Employment Initiatives

Giving Young People a Great Summer Work Experience

This summer, BluePrint board member (and retired school teacher) Mary Bruder volunteered hours every week to supervise a group of Geneva youth in a paid summer work experience. The crew of enthusiastic young adults cultivated a childen's garden which provides a multi-sensory experience and educational opportunity for kids (of all ages!). The youth also spent time harvesting in the greenhouse, learning the ins and outs of plant care, and tending the public garden. The summer garden corps planned the Public Garden Family Night (August 28th) from top to bottom, including the preparation of food dishes made with ingredients they grew themselves.

WBE/MBE Assistance

Local governments receive a lot of state funds for projects. Each of those projects places a premium on hiring from a certified WBE/MBE list. Although Geneva has a lot of entrepreneurs that are female or people of color, we don't see local businesses connecting with these lucrative contracts. That sparked an idea - what if BluePrint could help small businesses get certified with the State and bid on those contracts? This helps the businesses, helps the local economy, and helps our community. If you have, or are looking to start, a small business enterprise in or around Geneva we might be able to make the process of certifying easier, or at least offer some additional supportive services. Contact us if you'd like more information as this program develops.