Community Building

For a community to be resilient, it must be intentional. BluePrint Geneva works to build connections that demonstrate the power of collaboration. Neighborhoods can accomplish whatever projects they put their minds to. Here are the ways we are harnessing the power of cooperation:

Let's Get Co-Operative!

Homeownership is long-touted as part of the "American Dream," but with older housing stock requiring lots of maintenance and new construction often lacking character, homeownership doesn't always make good financial sense for people. What if you could have the benefits of ownership (stability, equity, sense of place) but work collectively with others to make sure maintenance (shoveling, major repairs, etc.) is taken care of? That's the idea behind an ownership cooperative. One building, several residents all with their own private areas but also common space with better amenities than any individual unit could provide. BluePrint sees this as the way to help people find good housing and build wealth while keeping older homes from being carved into apartments that are poorly maintained by investment-oriented landlords. Stay tuned for more information about this project.

Project 36: Summer Preservation Apprenticeship

This summer, volunteer mentors from the building trades worked with underemployed young adults in Geneva to learn the basics of carpentry, with an historic preservation focus, as they rebuilt a porch in the City. The homeowner, who otherwise could not afford the repairs to the dilapidated structure, made the property available as a training ground for the youth, while the apprentice crew worked their collective magic. The program ran three days per week for five weeks. Members of the apprentice crew were selected via Ontario County's Summer Youth Work Program. In addition to developing skills in the building trades, the program focused on healthy work habits, job site responsibilities, and effective personal development. Studies show that proper nutrition is essential to both learning and job performance. We are grateful to our project partners!

State Street Housing

Construction of small affordable housing units with a common building for additional space, providing homes in close proximity to downtown built for sustainability and community. Solar panels double as carports, common building includes individual storage units/workshops for each unit as well as second story suites for reservation by guests of owners. Monthly cost of each unit includes utilities and fees for common space maintenance and upkeep at a price point lower than most rental units, allowing people to own their home and build equity within their current budget.

On hold pending DEC remediation of neighborhood.