Latest News

Latest News

Tax Season is Upon Us–Don’t Give Up Your Dollars!

BluePrint Geneva, Inc. has kicked off its third year of free-free tax preparation at the Geneva Public Library.  If you, or someone you know, makes less than $54,000/year, then you qualify for free tax preparation.  Unlike the big chain storefronts that charge fees or take a portion of the refund, BluePrint’s program is a direct partnership with the IRS and doesn’t even allow you to make a donation, let alone charge any money!

Call the library at 315-789-5303 to make an appointment or text us at 315-577-3775.




What’s Growing and Where’s it Going?

To characterize sections of Geneva as a “food desert” somewhat misses the mark.  There *is* food available for purchase (at convenience stores and gas stations) but nourishing and healthy options are lacking.  We prefer the term “food swamp” to capture the idea of residents stuck with only bad options.  In response to these swamp-like conditions, BluePrint Geneva is undertaking three efforts:

  1.  Get food growing and distributed directly to residents, nothing asked or expected in return;
  2.  Provide access to public garden spaces for people to harvest, grow, and learn about gardening;
  3.  Focus on bringing children and young adults into the healthy food continuum of growing, harvesting, distributing, and celebrating the abundance right in our collective backyard.
A wall of beans in the greenhouse

In addition to maintaining a four-season greenhouse which provides access to leafy greens all winter long, we have established on State Street, co-located with Geneva Peeps, a public garden and a children’s garden.  The public garden is open for all to visit, tend to, or just harvest from.  The children’s garden is a sensory experience featuring native plants, edible flowers, berries for picking, and tactile diversity to encourage kids to explore what’s growing.

Deliveries are made twice per week to the Geneva Boys and Girls Clubs, Community Lunch Program, Center of Concern, Salvation Army, and Little Free Farmstand.



Environmental Justice:  Follow Your Nose

Geneva’s location in the valley between two trash mountains means that we often endure an olfactory assault when trying to enjoy our yards, parks, or gardens.  Recently, the smell from the landfills has been so intense that people are reporting headaches and nausea.  The “ItStinks!” online tracking program will help residents (and visitors) log their odor complaints with elected officials in Ontario and Seneca County– asking them, and the DEC (which monitors the landfill operations), to take action to clean things up so we aren’t exposed to this on an ongoing basis.  Check out to see recent complaints, or log one of your own.


Get Curbside Compost Pickup!


Growing Cycle has been offering residents of wards 5 & 6 free weekly pickup of biodegradables (food waste, paper products) since April as part of our DEC Environmental Justice Impact Grant.  The service is now available for a modest fee to other Geneva residents as well and we are looking to expand to restaurant clients.  We all play a part in diverting food waste from the landfills!  Visit the website for more information!


BluePrint Geneva, Inc. was formed in 2016 to test new concepts in housing, utilities, technology, and sustainability to grow an interconnected and economically-empowered community. Our projects test, evaluate, and retool strategies to meet the needs of homeowners and renters in Geneva, with a focus on building equity, confidence, and civic capacity within traditionally under-represented and under-resourced groups.