City of Geneva has stepped up to help Food Justice construct a walk-in cooler to store gleaned produce and increase distribution!   Read the article here!

Check out Deacon Henry Farro addressing the Geneva City Council about food justice:

Food Justice Presentation April 4, 2018


We are looking for a project for our summer construction trades apprenticeship project.  What are the criteria?  The house must be owner-occupied, the porch must be in need of more than cosmetic repair but able to be reconstructed within six weeks, and ideally the home will be located in a high traffic area so that the apprentices’ hard work can be appreciated by the community.  Want to nominate a site?  Send us an email!


BluePrint Geneva, Inc. was formed in 2016 to test new concepts in housing, utilities, technology, and sustainability to grow an interconnected and economically-empowered community. Our projects test, evaluate, and retool strategies to meet the needs of homeowners and renters in Geneva, with a focus on building equity, confidence, and civic capacity within traditionally under-represented and under-resourced groups.