Environmental Justice:  Follow Your Nose

Geneva’s location in the valley between two trash mountains means that we often endure an olfactory assault when trying to enjoy our yards, parks, or gardens.  Recently, the smell from the landfills has been so intense that people are reporting headaches and nausea.  The “ItStinks!” online tracking program will help residents (and visitors) log their odor complaints with elected officials in Ontario and Seneca County– asking them, and the DEC (which monitors the landfill operations), to take action to clean things up so we aren’t exposed to this on an ongoing basis.  Check out www.ItStinks.org to see recent complaints, or log one of your own.



Get Growing With Us!

With a grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, we are embarking on an aggressive program of produce growing and food waste diversion.  Our goal is to not just provide access to healthy food, but also to get the community fully

engaged in acts of resiliency, diverting food waste into vermiculture trenches that yield great soil amendment for planting public gardens that serve the community.  And all of us working together to get the job done!



BluePrint Geneva, Inc. was formed in 2016 to test new concepts in housing, utilities, technology, and sustainability to grow an interconnected and economically-empowered community. Our projects test, evaluate, and retool strategies to meet the needs of homeowners and renters in Geneva, with a focus on building equity, confidence, and civic capacity within traditionally under-represented and under-resourced groups.